Typical questions found on google for eboutiques, but although we thought of the solutions, it has never happened to us before. (Except shipping information).


I’ve found a piece i love but can’t select my size.

Please please please write us at hello@zynksportswear.com so we can check whats going on.

Sometimes its because we don't have that size anymore, but we encourage you to write us, because maybe we can custom make it just for you, or maybe even make that piece available again for everybody. so please, just contact us. 


Has my order been sent yet ?

 Your order was probably already sent, just take notice that we deliver in business days, depending your location. Just write us and we will immediately tell you how's that going, or check why havent you received your tracking number (it has never happened before).


Can you give me more information about any piece that i want?

But of course! just write us: hello@zynksportswear.com or sales@zynksportswear.com. Whatsapp: 809 876 1701, and we will personally answer any question you have, give extra information and even send extra pictures with the items in hand.


Can I track my order ?

Yes! When your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking order, which you can use to track it with us, or with the transportation company we are using to deliver it to you. In Dominican Republic we use METRO S.A. and for the rest of the world, INPOSDOM/HSL/FEDEX. In Santo Domingo, we have our own delivery service.


Part of my order is missing........

Then it would be the first time. But since we take everything we do way too SERIOUSLY, please contact us at hello@zynksportswear.com and we will tell you exactly how we will make it up for you.


Which methods of payments can I use?

We work with PAYPAL, credit cards, deposits and also receive cash with delivery (this last option for Dominican Republic only).


Is it safe to order from ZYNK's eboutique?

In ZYNK, we take privacy, online shopping, and anything concerning our girls and us, EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. We use GeoTrust Secure Socket Layering (SSL), an encryption technology that ensures safe Internet transmission of your personal information. We do not store any credit card details nor do we share your personal information with any third party. Please go to our Privacy Policy to learn more, but we can tell you,

YOU CAN trust us. 


You’ve sent me the wrong items!

We are reaaaaallly sorry! It's only here because we have to speak about it, but we promise its the first time ever. Please contact us: hello@zynksportswear.com and we will ship the right ones with no additional cost.


Delivery - Where do you ship, How much is it and how long does it take? 

We ship pretty much absolutely wherever theres a #awomanonzynk.

  • Dominican Republic: 24-48 hours.

Free, and free exchanges.

  • Caribbean and Antilles: 10-15 business days.

US$10, free for orders over $250.

  • United States: 10-15 business days. US$10.

Free on orders over US$250, applies to USPS Priority Mail Only.

  •  Central and South America: 10- 15 business days.

US$10, Free on orders over US$250, 

  • Europe: 15-20 business days.

US$10, Free on orders over US$250, 

  • Asia: 20-25 business days.